Besher Al Maleh

iOS Engineer


Fireworks - Particle Editor for macOS

Fireworks Editor Fireworks Editor

Fireworks is a visual editor for CAEmitter particle effects. It generates native Swift code in real-time that you can use in your iOS or macOS project without third-party libraries or dependencies.

Featured in Hacking with Swift's 8 Essential Apps for iOS Developers article and iOS Dev Weekly issue 422.

Draw with Math

Draw with Math Image

Practice your math skills while playing with friends and family. The game lets you compete to solve math problems by drawing directly on the screen.

I trained a CoreML model on 60,000 handwritten digits. The game uses this model to recognize the player's drawing.


InstaWeather Image

A customizable weather app built in SwiftUI + UIKit for iPhone and iPad that lets you choose backgrounds for different weather conditions.

Find my Latte

Find my Latte Image

Combines ARKit with CoreLocation to let you find nearby Starbucks coffee shops using augmented reality, request directions, share pictures with other users, and much more!

Classic Barjees for iPad

Classic Barjees Image Classic Barjees Image

Classic Barjees is based on a traditional middle-eastern board game.

The game is built in SpriteKit, and it supports both local and online multiplayer. Online play is handled by GameKit and GameCenter.

QuickTicker Library

QuickTicker Image

QuickTicker is a Swift library that lets you create simple ticker animations using one line of code.

It features simple syntax that's similar to UIView's animate methods

  • Works with text mixed in with numbers in the same label
  • Works on both UILabels and UITextFields,
  • Completion handler support
  • Animation curves and decimal points for the label
  • Memory safe
  • Unit tested
Read more about it on Medium.

Lion Search for macOS

LionSearch Image

My first Swift app. I built it for a previous job as an IT support analyst. It is a macOS app that fetches user data from the Active Directory within a corporate environment.

The app executes a Shell script to pull the data (dscl localhost -read), and then it filters the results using regular expressions to present valuable information to the user

Read more about it on Medium.

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